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Driven by a sense of unsettling sadness toward the loss of biodiversity, How like a leaf I am looks at entanglements of human and plant life. Recent research states that plant and animal species are dying out 10 to 100 times faster today than they did on average in the past 10 million years. This concerns known and unknown species in woods and deep oceans, where they are becoming extinct in varying patterns and intensity. Unnoticed by most humans, biodiversity is silently waning.

How like a leaf I am mediates the complex interdependence of ecosystem services, agrobiodiversity, science, high mass consumption, and cultural values. Alexandra Baumgartner interrogates our collective responsibility for the rapid decline of ecosystems and the paradoxical human perception of nature/culture. In this, she also recognizes the loss of immaterial values like traditional sources of knowledge. The project accentuates such moments of integration and investigates community-based approaches to seed conservation. A multi-layered approach interweaves emotive imagery and poetic text fragments with a documentary practice and aims at including different voices in the discussion about transformative change.

The ongoing work includes a book dummy and has been exhibited in a seven square metre garden installation. Instagram¬†   BA Camera Arts, Photography in the contexts of art, design, media, and society, Lucerne School of Art and Design, 2019 Exchange Semester, BA Photography, Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, 2018 BA Middle Eastern Studies and History, University of Zurich, 2017