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For most of them, the future isn’t exactly bright. Having a migrant background and finishing secondary school with level C in Switzerland won’t leave many doors open. This is what they are kept being told. While the teenagers feel like children in the classroom, making silly jokes, crying out loud or punching each other, their appearance changes radically when meeting them outside. There you would meet Teresa, looking after her nephews like they were her children. You would see Yanik settling in his new room at the juvenile center, where, with almost sixteen, he will be the youngest resident. And you would get to know Reyson who used to dream of a career as a basketball player but feels so frustrated he hasn’t thrown a ball for months. Beyoncé find ich voll beautiful  tries to keep up with the fast-shifting moods of the classmates and gives an insight into life at the brink of adulthood. Instagram    BA Camera Arts, Photography in the contexts of art, design, media, and society, Lucerne School of Art and Design, 2019 Exchange Semester, BA Photography, Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, 2018 BA Middle Eastern Studies and History, University of Zurich, 2017