Alexandra Baumgartner

Le champ de blé planétaire
The planetary wheat field
2022 – 2023
Getting physically and metaphorically “in touch” with wheat Le champ de blé planétaire1 establishes a space to grow, learn and exchange with the most widely consumed grain. Situated in a public park named La Faraz, the collaborative project integrates an assemblage of peculiar interests; school children, dog walkers, curious neighbors, gardeners and artists will share the space with the wheat plants during nine months. The surrounding community of La Faraz in the city of La Tour-de-Peilz is invited to partake in various activities on the 100 m2 wheat field such as plowing, sowing, harvesting, and bread-making, alongside a series of artistic interventions and public talks with agricultural practitioners and experts.

The extraction of wheat from its habitual environment in the agricultural world allows for a more experimental setup. Le champ de blé planétaire builds on the sensorial and aesthetic experience of growing one’s wheat and the notion of place in agriculture.

The culture around food and its production is part of a new vocabulary of experimental art and socially engaged art practices. Within this framework, Alexandra Baumgartner explores themes of human-crop plant relationships, agroecological practices, knowledge transfer, and the rural-urban dichotomy. Transcending disciplinary boundaries Le champ de blé planétaire fosters a spirit of cross-pollination and opens the possibility of a different way of doing things.

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︎︎︎ 1   Le champ de blé planétaire is a collaboration of Alexandra Baumgartner with the transdisciplinary platform foodculture days. The project is part of the program of the 2023 foodculture days biennale and integrated in the platform’s perennial projects on the territory. Le champ de blé planétaire is located at La Faraz, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland.

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