Alexandra Baumgartner

Seed Carriers
Seed Carriers is a transdisciplinary initiative dedicated to investigating the critical issues of seed diversity loss and the fundamental right to save seeds. Positioned at the crossroads of art, society, and science, this project offers various pathways for engaging individuals in understanding the ongoing efforts and obstacles concerning the conservation and accessibility of seed diversity within a European framework.

The project integrates an innovative audio documentary series with community engagement events. Seed Carriers aims to make an artistic contribution to the societal dialogue around seed politics, practices of commoning, human-plant relations, domestication histories and its aesthetics. In doing so, Seed Carriers responds to the accelerating decline of seed and agricultural diversity which constitutes the foundation of all life.

By bridging gaps between different disciplines and adopting a perspective that takes into account local implications of global phenomena, Seed Carriers brings to the fore the voices of distinguished thinkers and experienced practitioners. This diverse group includes genetic scientists and seed bank operators, as well as farmers, seed keepers, agroecology experts, and legal professionals.

Experimenting with innovative storytelling tools in artistic expression, docu-fiction, and science-communication, Seed Carriers embarks on a sensory multi-actor journey, shining light on the mesmerizing capacities of seeds.

Enhancing visibility for the seed diversity movement, this project not only provides a wealth of practical knowledge about seeds but also offers innovative ideas to catalyze transformative change.

The release of the first episode of the audio documentary is scheduled for early June 2024. The events and the release of the following episodes will take place in the course of the year.

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︎︎︎ Seed Carriers is supported by Pro Helvetia, Migros Kulturprozent and Mobiliar Jubiläumsstiftung.