Alexandra Baumgartner

How like a leaf I am
2018 – 2024
How like a leaf I am follows the seed from the soil to the seed bank and from one hand to the other. As a “product” of the collaboration between humans and nature; created through countless human and natural selection processes, growth cycles, interactions and web of relationships, cultivated plants have a special status within the plant world.
        A seed is simultaneously all the plants that have grown before and all those that will follow. In the cultivated plant lies the embodied relationship between humans and nature – a product of inestimable value whose development should not be interrupted.

Seeds constitute the basis of our existence. From infinitely small grains, crops grow to be processed into food, textile fibres, fuel, medicines and cosmetics. The standardisation of farming systems has led to a situation where today only 30 crops provide 95% of our food energy. About 75 per cent of all agricultural crops and varieties have disappeared in the last hundred years.

The act of sowing makes a claim on an ongoing and a future relationship. How like a leaf I am shows the works of silent resistance to seed monopolies, visits community-organised initiatives for the development of crop diversity and imagines the birth of a hybrid creature that expresses our love and connection to our natural environment.

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Virtual Exhibition (EN/GE) «How
like a leaf I am»
at Bienneale für Aktuelle Fotografie – Changing Ecosystems, Heidelberger Kunstverein. (2022)

Interview (GE) about the project
«How like a leaf I am»
, Photoforum Pasquart, Biel/Bienne. (27. March 2021)

Bild der Woche (GE) «Quince and yellow tomatoes», Online-Magazine (11. March 2021)

Interview #06 (GE) “Neue Perspektiven des Dokumentarischen” Podcast, 7. Lumix Festival für jungen Bildjournalismus, Hannover. (21. June 2020)

How like a leaf I am, Aterraterra LAB Palermo, 2023.

“Examine the space around you”, unglazed ceramic. 

How like a leaf I am, Aterraterra LAB Palermo, 2023.